Living In A Muslim Community

Living in a muslim community I’m not faced by racism through out my daly routine because I live around people like me, most people choose to live in a community with surroundings that are benefiting to them like school district, people, services etc. The problem is not with living around the people in your community, the problem stands when I leave my community to travel and exercise my U.S. citizenship rights. When my mom who wears the hijab practices our religion in cities who aren’t as welcoming to muslims like our community.  Having a citizenship is belonging to a particular country, so having a citizenship in this country you have a right to live their and participate in society. Once granted this citizenship you have a right to come and go freely into this country, unless doing something against the law and being deviant to society. Unlike other U.S. citizens we feel safe in our community and would rather not exercise our right to travel, in doing so we are protecting our self from harassment and an American citizen we are privileged with ability to practice any religion we please in our community, for example the majority of people who live in dearborn are muslim. According to Donald Trump us and the family we have overseas are threatening to this country, so have enforced a ban on all people coming from muslim country to enter this country. This is un-American especially for the president of the united states to put this ban into action based on a stereo type. We live in the land of the free and its not feeling so free now a days.

(This is a picture off google of little girls practicing our religion in America)