List Of Countries Banned

1.) Libya

2.) Syria

3.) Iran

4.) Yemen

5.) Somalia

6.) Suban


Why it matters? 

This ban has effected many families, the reputation of America and the way Arab Americans are looked at all over the U.S. today. This ban is keeping people away from seeing their families and visiting the U.S. I understand that we need to stop terrorist from acting again but theres other ways of doing this, like stricture airport security or enforcing more laws against the people who cause threats. No one should be deprived from seeing their loved ones and this is what trump is doing. For example, my friends grandparents missed her wedding because of the fear of flying to America from a muslim country.Mr. Trump claims this act is to protect us from any further threats, but realistically trump is taking our rights away and will have the media brain wash in believing false accusations towards muslims. This ban and media is causing people to have hate towards muslims, causing people to mistreat muslims. My family and friends who wear the hijab on their head are afraid of being harassed if they leave our community, because we are protected in dearborn by people who share our same religious views. People in a community build a bubble around their own believes and don’t like anyone with another mentality entering. Sometimes we are afraid to travel and enter new communities so we aren’t looked at and treated differently.