Muslim Ban

We all belong to a community in which we live in and interact with the different groups and people that also live in this community. The majority of people in a community have something in common, share a common characteristic or interest. Thats what draws these people to come together, like only following people that share the same interest as you on social media people also like to live with those who have similar mentalities. For example, I live in an Arab American community because I am muslim and share common interest with the rest of my community. One of the rights we have of being an American citizen is being able to have freedom to chose what community we want to be apart of, my grandparents chose America because of the american dream. President Trump is taking a way the reason this country is built off immigrants, the american dream just feels like a dream now a days, something thats impossible to live.

Attached is a link to a Video of Mr.Trump speaking on the ban.

This ban caused riots and protests to break out in cities all over the United States, the stand people have been taking against our Presidents decisions in office just shows how the majority of citizens are against his political ways. It is amazing to witness those who are not muslim out there in the protest supporting us, just goes to show that there are still a few people out there with open minds. The first week he took office there was protests outside the white house everyday, showing how unhappy the people of this country truly are with the choice of president that was made. Having a protest might not do much, but it is advertised on the media and gets peoples voices out there. Every little stand towards the change you wish to see in the world will eventually become noticed.


(This a picture of a protest in Washington found on google)