Personal Experience

Could you imagine not having your grandparents attend your wedding? Its a day of happiness and joy that the whole family should enjoy. My best friends sister recently got married, like most people who live in my community her grandparents live overseas. Unfortunately for her she couldn’t have her grandparents at her wedding, she couldn’t enjoy the experience with all her loved ones like most people. You might be thinking that it is because of an argument or old age that they couldn’t attend, but not in this case. My friends grandparents were to afraid to enter the country after Mr.Trumps ban, they watched the news and saw people being held at the airport, they immediately canceled their plane tickets. Her grandparents have visas to enter our county but because their country was one of the ones on Mr.Trumps ban list they were to afraid to take the risk. They sent their apologies and a gift for their granddaughter but she was devastated when she heard the news. My friend and her mom tried to convince the grandparents to attend after seeing how depressed the bride was when hearing the news, but this risk of getting their visas taken away and being sent back to their country was just a process that these grandparents did not want to go through. This broke my heart that the family had to go through this because you could just see the sadness in their faces on a day thats supposed to be nothing but happiness. Till this day she still thinks about her grandparents not witnessing her big day and gets very upset over it. Although she sent them the wedding video and pictures its not the same because they aren’t in them. This was an irreplaceable memory that would always be in the hearts of the family.


(I found this picture on google of a crying bride) This reminds me of my friend on her wedding day.