I enjoyed writing this paper and creating this blog because not only did I further my knowledge I also had a chance to share my experience and thoughts. I had a chance to learn more about the topic I choose to write about. As I was sitting thinking about the prompt I had this idea come to mind that I could relate to community and social media. I thought this would be a god topic for me to talk about because I live in one of these Arab American communities so I can relate to whats going on. With our citizenship comes freedom and that shouldn’t be taken away from us because of a stereotype that all muslims are terrorist, as the media makes us out to look like.

I created a mind map to get all my thoughts out and organized, I had a lot of different topics to talk about that I could relate to the media and my community. Like the effects the stories the media put together has on my community, it grows hate in peoples hearts towards my religion and community. The media has a huge effect on peoples thoughts so I thought I could talk about why we shouldn’t be ignorant towards the news and educate ourselves. I truly believe that one day those of all different races and culture would be treated equally, with all the right leaders in charge anything can happen. MLK has made us come so far so why stop now, lets expand the freedom and keep going to keep the american dream intact.

During the process of writing my final paper I did research to further educate myself on the effects of social media. I also used the video we had to watch in class about cultural studies by Amanda morris, she talked about Stuarts Hall study that media impacts what people think about certain aspects of life. For example, media doesn’t idealize the poor in order for the poor to stay poor and the rich get richer. This has the same effects how media portray whites as the higher level and every else below them. She talks about how media represents culture and enforces social inequality, this keeps the people of minority classes unable to voice their opinions. In fear of punishment or judgement  from others that are brain washed by the media. This supported my claim about media effecting our thoughts on other religions and expanding the stereotypes.

(This is the video we were assigned to watch in class about Stuart Hall)