Islamophobia is the fear or hatred of Islam thats on increase now because of the media. Islam is made out to look like a religion based off hate and rage. When in reality its the complete opposite, it is about love and peace. We believe god is the one to judge, so those terrorist that kill claiming that its for god are wrong. These are extremist who make the religion look bad, no one is perfect and everybody has flaws no matter what religion you practice. The stereotype the muslims are all terrorist is what drives Islamophobia, the media is also no help to the cause. The right types of muslims promote peace, practice the religion and interpret the Holy book the right way. Another Islamic media stereotype involves portrayals of Muslim women. They are looked at as objects of men, as if males are the rulers of women because of the extremist countries like Saudi Arabia and others that have laws to degrade one. Once again, these people are interpreting the Holy book falsely and making the whole religion look bad.

(This picture was found on google, showing different stereotypes)